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FOGPSAL-RM Fiber Optic GPS Antenna Link


This Rack mounted Fiber Optic GPS Antenna Link from GPS Networking is used for converting GPS Carrier from RF to Light, transmit it up to 10 Kilometers, then reconvert it back to RF for the GPS receiver. View Full Description

Category: Fiber Optics
Manufacturer: GPS Networking
Manufacturer Number: FOGPSAL-RM
GPS Networking


Fiber Optic GPS Antenna Link - FOGPSAL-RM

The rack mounted Fiber Optic GPS Antenna Link is a complete system that allows you to convert the GPS Carrier from RF to Light, transmit it up to 10 Kilometers, then reconvert it back to RF to be received by the GPS receiver.


  • Roof Antenna (Either L1 High Gain Timing Antenna or L1/L2/L5 Galileo GLONASS Active Antenna)
  • Roof Antenna Mounting Bracket
  • Transmitter Power Supply
  • Transmitter Preamp
  • Fiber Optic Transmitter
  • Fiber Optic Receiver
  • Receiver Power Supply


  • GPS base stations or other applications with long antenna cable runs
  • Run the GPS carrier to multiple GPS timing boards throughout a company
  • Run GPS throughout an aircraft
  • Satisfies the requirement of supplying multiple GPS receivers with a carrier, spread over a great distance
  • For R&D facilities, supplies a GPS carrier to a multitude of engineers and technicians with only one antenna on the roof.
  • Any installations where fiber optic cable is required due to building code or other factors.

Connector type: N

Output (Voltage to Antenna): 5

Available Power Options

  • 240 UK
  • 110
  • 220 EURO
  • MC