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Item #: BD920

BD920 GNSS Receiver

The Trimble BD920 GNSS receiver module has been designed for applications requiring centimeter accuracy in a very small package.

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Trimble BD920 GNSS Receiver Module

The Trimble BD920 GNSS receiver module has been designed for applications requiring centimeter accuracy in a very small package. The Trimble BD920 supports both L1 and L2 frequencies from the GPS and GLONASS constellations plus the E1 frequency from Galileo. This delivers the quickest and most reliable RTK initializations for 12 centimeter positioning.

BD920 Receivers - GPS

60920-02 Trimble BD920,GPS,L1 Autonomous/SBAS,5Hz
60920-03 Trimble BD920,GPS,L1 Autonomous/SBAS,20Hz
60920-04 Trimble BD920,GPS,L1 DGPS Base/Rover,5Hz
60920-05 Trimble BD920,GPS,L1 DGPS Base/Rover,20Hz
60920-07 Trimble BD920,GPS,L1 DGPS Rover,20Hz
60920-08 Trimble BD920,GPS,L1 RTK Base/Rover,5Hz
60920-09 Trimble BD920,GPS,L1 RTK Base/Rover,20Hz
60920-11 Trimble BD920,GPS,L1 RTK Rover,20Hz
60920-12 Trimble BD920,GPS,L1/L2 RTK Base/Rover,5Hz
60920-13 Trimble BD920,GPS,L1/L2 RTK Base/Rover,20Hz
60920-14 Trimble BD920,GPS,L1/L2 RTK Rover,5Hz
60920-15 Trimble BD920,GPS,L1/L2 RTK Rover,20Hz

BD920 Receivers - GPS+GLONASS

60920-22 Trimble BD920,GPS,GLONASS,L1 Autonomous/SBAS,5Hz
60920-23 Trimble BD920,GPS,GLONASS,L1 Autonomous/SBAS,20Hz
60920-24 Trimble BD920,GPS,GLONASS,L1 DGPS Base/Rover,5Hz
60920-25 Trimble BD920,GPS,GLONASS,L1 DGPS Base/Rover,20Hz
60920-27 Trimble BD920,GPS,GLONASS,L1 DGPS Rover,20Hz
60920-28 Trimble BD920,GPS,GLONASS,L1 RTK Base/Rover,5Hz
60920-29 Trimble BD920,GPS,GLONASS,L1 RTK Base/Rover,20Hz
60920-31 Trimble BD920,GPS,GLONASS,L1 RTK Rover,20Hz
60920-32 Trimble BD920,GPS,GLONASS,L1/L2 RTK Base/Rover,5Hz
60920-33 Trimble BD920,GPS,GLONASS,L1/L2 RTK Base/Rover,20Hz
60920-34 Trimble BD920,GPS,GLONASS,L1/L2 RTK Rover,5Hz
60920-35 Trimble BD920,GPS,GLONASS,L1/L2 RTK Rover,20Hz

BD920 Receivers - GPS+GLONASS+Galileo

60920-62 Trimble BD920,GPS,GLONASS,Galileo,L1,E1 Autonomous/SBAS,5Hz
60920-63 Trimble BD920,GPS,GLONASS,Galileo,L1,E1 Autonomous/SBAS,20Hz
60920-64 Trimble BD920,GPS,GLONASS,Galileo,L1,E1 DGPS Base/Rover,5Hz
60920-65 Trimble BD920,GPS,GLONASS,Galileo,L1,E1 DGPS Base/Rover,20Hz
60920-68 Trimble BD920,GPS,GLONASS,Galileo,L1,E1 RTK Base/Rover,5Hz
60920-69 Trimble BD920,GPS,GLONASS,Galileo,L1,E1 RTK Base/Rover,20Hz
60920-77 Trimble BD920,GPS,GLONASS,L1/L2 RTK Base/Rover,Galileo E1,20Hz
60920-90 Trimble BD920,GPS,GLONASS,Galileo,L1/L2,E1 Heading Only Rover
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