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NavtechGPS is an authorized distributor of quality precision OEM boards from many leading GPS and GNSS manufacturers like Ashtech, Garmin, Hemisphere GNSS,  NavCom Technologies, NovAtel, Septentrio and Trimble. 

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Septentrio AsteRx-I S OEM Receiver

AsteRx-I S OEM Receiver

Item # AsteRx-I S

Septentrio AsteRx-iS-UAS Receiver

AsteRx-i S UAS Receiver

Item # AsteRxiS_UAS

Septentrio AsteRx-i V GNSS Receiver with IMU

AsteRx-i V GNSS Receiver with IMU

Item # AsteRx-i V

AsteRx-i3 D Pro OEM Receiver

AsteRx-i3 D Pro

Item # AsteRx-i3 D Pro

Asterx i3 D Pro Plus OEM

AsteRx-i3 D Pro+

Item # AsteRx-i3 D Pro+

AsteRx i3 S Pro Plus OEM Receiver

AsteRx-i3 S Pro+

Item # AsteRx-i3 S Pro+


AsteRx-m2 GNSS RTK Receiver

Item # AsteRxm-2


AsteRx-m2 UAS GNSS Receiver

Item # Asterx-m2 UAS

Septentrio AsteRx-m2a Heading and RTK Receiver

AsteRx-m2a Heading and RTK Receiver

Item # AsteRxm2a

Septentrio AsteRx-m2a UAS Receiver

AsteRx-m2a UAS Receiver

Item # asteRx-m2a UAS

AsteRx m3 Pro

AsteRx-m3 Pro

Item # AsteRx-m3 Pro

AsteRx-m3 Pro+

AsteRx-m3 Pro+

Item # AsteRx-M3 Pro+

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