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The Septentrio AsteRx-i V with IMU sensor
The Septentrio AsteRx-i V with IMU sensor
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AsteRx-i V GNSS Receiver with IMU

Item# AsteRx-i V

The Septentrio AsteRx-i V processes high-quality data, from the dual antenna multi-frequency AsteRx GNSS receiver with IMU measurements to generate an accurate and reliable position and orientation. View Full Description

Category: OEM
Manufacturer: Septentrio
Manufacturer Number: AsteRx-i V


Septentrio AsteRx-i V GNSS Receiver with IMU

For GNSS-INS Solutions

The AsteRx-i V combines Septentrio’s latest compact, multi-frequency multi-constellation GNSS engine with an external industrial grade MEMS-based IMU. The AsteRx-i V can deliver accurate and reliable GNSS/IMU integrated positioning to the centimeter-level as well as full 3D attitude at high update rates and low latency.  
Designed around demanding requirements for size, weight and power consumption, the AsteRx-i v is ideal for optical inspection and photogrammetry. Because of the UAS-tailored carrier board, the AsteRx-i V can seemlessly integrate into light UAVs. The range of connection interfaces makes the AsteRx-i V ideal for automation, robotics and logistics.
  • IMU enhanced GNSS positioning down to the cm level
  • Full attitude –  heading pitch and roll
  • Quad-constellation, multi-frequency, all-in-view RTK receiver
  • AIM interference monitoring and mitigation system
  • High-update rate, low-latency positioning and attitude