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NovAtel SPAN® GNSS Inertial Navigation Systems. SPAN® integrates NovAtel’s industry leading Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technology with Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) to create a tightly coupled GNSS INS solution at data rates up to 200 Hz, for reliable, continuously available, position, velocity and attitude-even through short periods of time when satellite signals are blocked or unavailable. 

VectorNav offers high quality IMUs that are light-weight and well priced.

NavtechGPS sells a range of receiver, IMU and antenna options are available to meet accuracy and size requirements for nearly any application.

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AsteRx SBi3 Pro+

Item # AsteRx SBi3 Pro+

Septentrio AsteRx-I S OEM Receiver

AsteRx-I S OEM Receiver

Item # AsteRx-I S

Septentrio AsteRx-iS-UAS Receiver

AsteRx-i S UAS Receiver

Item # AsteRxiS_UAS

Septentrio AsteRx-i V GNSS Receiver with IMU

AsteRx-i V GNSS Receiver with IMU

Item # AsteRx-i V

AsteRx-i3 D Pro OEM Receiver

AsteRx-i3 D Pro

Item # AsteRx-i3 D Pro

Asterx i3 D Pro Plus OEM

AsteRx-i3 D Pro+

Item # AsteRx-i3 D Pro+

AsteRx i3 S Pro Plus OEM Receiver

AsteRx-i3 S Pro+

Item # AsteRx-i3 S Pro+

HG1700 AG58

HG1700 AG58

Item # HG1700 AG58

MarinePak7 GNSS Receiver

MarinePak7 Marine GNSS Receiver

Item # MarinePak7



Item # PwrPak7-E2

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