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We offer GPS and GNSS amplifiers to boost and filter GPS signals before they reach the receiver. We carry GPS / GNSS amplifiers from GPS Networking, Forseberg Services, Ltd., (StarLink DGPS) and Tallyman Wireless to meet all your GPS / GNSS RF and DAS networking needs, including GPS in-line amplifiers, low-noise amplifiers, filtered line amplifiers, mini-line amplifiers, and variable gain amplifiers — all in different configurations, gain blocks and dynamic ranges. GNSS Amplifiers range in gain from 1 – 20 dB with options for adjustable gain.

NavtechGPS is your GPS source for all your GPS networking needs, including GNSS amplifiers. Contact us for assistance or with any questions about our selection of GNSS amplifiers.

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Forsberg In-Line Amplifier, 12 Decibel L1 Only

In-Line Amplifier, L1, 12dB (LA-12-1575-100)

Item # LA-12-1575-100


Forsberg In-Line Amplifier, 21 Decibel L1 Only

In-Line Amplifier, L1, 21dB (LA-21-1575-100)

Item # LA-21-1575-100


Forsberg In-Line Amplifier 12 Decibel L1 L2

In-Line Amplifier, L1L2, 12dB (LA-12-L1L2)

Item # LA-12-L1L2


Forsberg In-line Amplifier 21 decibel L1 L2

In-Line Amplifier, L1L2, 21dB (LA-21-L1L2)

Item # LA-21-L1L2


GPS Networking LA20FPDC Amplifier

LA20FPDC Filtered Line Amplifier 20dB

Item # LA20FPDC


GPS Networking LA20RPDC Amplifier

LA20RPDC GPS Line Amplifier, 20dB

Item # LA20RPDC


GPS Networking LA25RPDC Amplifier

LA25RPDC GPS Line Amplifier, 25dB

Item # LA25RPDC


GPS Networking LA30RPDC Amplifier

LA30RPDC GPS Line Amplifier, 30dB

Item # LA30RPDC


Antenna Splitter lnfa1x4-n

LNFA1X4-N Low Noise Filtered Amplified 1×4 Splitter

Item # LNFA1X4



MLA20RPDC Mini GPS Line Amplifier 20dB

Item # MLA20RPDC


Tallysman TW120 Amplifier

TW120 GPS L1 Inline Amplifier

Item # TW120


Tallysman TW125 Amplifier

TW125B Low Current / Low Voltage In-Line Amplifier

Item # TW125B


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