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RF Accessories

 We have everything you need for your RF network and distributed antenna system (DAS): hard to find accessories, advice, expertise, installation know-how, and components. We have even put together a coaxial ground kit with everything you need to ensure a good, clean ground. 

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NavtechGPS Coaxial Ground Kit

Coaxial Ground Kit

Item # 456164


GPS Networking L1RAMB Antenna Bracket

RAMBL1 L1 Active Antenna Roof Mount

Item # RAMB L1


GPS Networking RAMBL1/L2 Antenna Mounting Bracket

RAMBL1L2 L1/L2 Active Antenna Mounting Bracket

Item # RAMB L1L2


GPS Networking WRUMT Mount

WRUMT Re-Radiating Amplifier Mount

Item # WRUMT


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