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NovAtel OEM7 GNSS Receivers

All NovAtel OEM7 receivers offer advanced interference mitigation features. The receivers are scalable to offer sub-meter to centimeter-level positioning and are field upgradable to all OEM7 family software options.

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NovAtel OEM7™ High Precision GNSS Receivers

The NovAtel OEM7™ family of GNSS receivers expands the receiver options available to system integrators, making it easy to match customer application requirements to the optimal positioning solution. 

Series 7 GNSS receiver cards: OEM7600™, OEM 7700™, OEM7720™, OEM719™ and OEM729™

All Cards have
  • 555 available channels,
  • are multi-constellation and multi-frequency,
  • and provide interference and mitigation capabilities, and
  • are TerraStar™ ready. Every NovAtel OEM7 card can receive satellite-based TerraStar correction signals, for centimeter-level positioning.
Compact Enclosure Option
  • The series also includes a new compact enclosure option, the PwrPak7™, to house OEM7 receiver technology, and offer 16 GB onboard data storage, built-in Wi-Fi and serial, USB, CAN and Ethernet for ease of integration.
Interference Toolkit 
  • The Interference Toolkit is used to detect sources of interference and intentional and unintentional jamming, and then mitigates such occurrences using proprietary NovAtel filters.
L-Band Functionality
  • The L-Band functionality on every OEM7 receiver enables satellite delivery of Precise Point Positioning (PPP) correction data directly to the receiver. Utilizing TerraStar correction data from the TerraStar network, means centimeter level positioning is possible for a broad range of applications.
SPAN®  Technology
  • NovAtels SPAN technology is supported on every OEM7 receiver. SPAN tightly-couples NovAtels GNSS technology with a number of available Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) to provide robust, continuous 3D positioning, velocity and attitude, even through periods of blocked or unavailable signal reception.

NovAtel OEM7 Receivers Brochure

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