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Item #: GNSS-750

NovAtel GNSS-750 Wideband Choke Ring Antenna

Utilizing an ultra-wideband Dorne-Margolin antenna element, the NovAtel GNSS-750 optimizes antenna gain, enabling use with most manufacturers geodetic receivers. The sturdy aluminum alloy construction ensures it can withstand the most difficult environmental conditions.

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The NovAtel multi-constellation GNSS-750 wideband choke ring antenna delivers next generation wideband choke ring antenna technology. Rugged, low profile construction makes it ideal for reference stations, geological monitoring and other applications requiring a robust high performance antenna. Multi-constellation tracking of GNSS measurements from existing and subsequent satellite constellations makes this antenna future proof.


  • Stable phase center
  • Ultra-wideband Dorne-Margolin element
  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Tracks signals when visible, down to the horizon and below


  • High precision measurements
  • Increased signal observations ensure higher availability and reliability
  • Eliminates need for future redesign
  • Rugged construction delivers reliable performance even in harsh environments
  • 3D antenna improves low elevation tracking

NovAtel GNSS-750 Wideband Choke Ring Antenna Data Sheet

NovAtel GNSS-750 GNSS Antenna Guide

Antenna Radome
01018195  Optional radome for GNSS-750 antenna

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