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Inertial Systems, Kalman Filtering and GPS / INS Integration

May 21, 2014

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NEW! Course 546: Inertial Systems, Kalman Filtering and GPS / INS Integration

Instructors: Dr. Alan Pue, Johns Hopkins University, APL and Mr. Michael Vaujin, Aerospace Consultant

Springfield, VA. May 21, 2014. NEW IN DECEMBER 2014! You asked and NavtechGPS Seminars listened. We have created a new 4-day course on aided navigation, “Course 546: Inertial Systems, Kalman Filtering and GPS / INS Integration,” taught by two highly regarded instructors: Dr. Alan Pue, Johns Hopkins University, APL and Mr. Michael Vaujin, Aerospace Consultant.

This NEW course will thoroughly immerse the student in the fundamental concepts and practical implementations of the different types of Kalman filters that optimally fuse GPS receiver measurements with a strapdown inertial navigation solution. This new course includes the fundamentals of inertial navigation, inertial instrument technologies, technology surveys and trends, integration architectures, practical Kalman filter design techniques, case studies, and illustrative demonstrations using MATLAB®.

Who Should Attend?

  • GPS/GNSS professionals who are engineers, scientists, systems analysts, program specialists and others concerned with the integration of inertial sensors and systems.
  • Those needing a working knowledge of Kalman filtering, or those who work in the fields of either navigation or target tracking.


  • Familiarity with principles of engineering analysis, including matrix algebra and linear systems.
  • A basic understanding of probability, random variables, and stochastic processes.
  • An understanding of GPS operational principles in Course 356, or equivalent experience.

When and Where

December 8 11, 2014, Bay Club Hotel and Marina in San Diego, California

Materials You Will Keep

  • A searchable color electronic copy of all course notes on a USB drive or CD-ROM, together with a black and white hard copy of the notes.
  • Introduction to Random Signals and Applied Kalman Filtering, 3rd edition, by R. Grover Brown and Patrick Hwang, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1996. (Does not apply to on-site contracts.)

Equipment You Should Bring

  • To get the most from this new course, we suggest you bring a laptop to class to allow you to do the practice “homework” problems each evening. (Problems will also be worked in class.)

Other Core GNSS Course offerings that week include the following:

  • 346: GPS/GNSS Operation for Engineers and Technical Professionals (4 days). Instructor: Dr. Chris Hegarty, MITRE
  • 123: GPS/GNSS Fundamentals & Enhancements (2 days). Instructor: Dr. Chris Hegarty, MITRE
  • 541: Using Advanced GPS/GNSS Signals and Systems (4 days). Instructor: Dr. John Betz, MITRE

For course details and registration information, click here. Or call Carolyn McDonald at 1-800-628-0885 or +1-703-256-8900, or email Carolyn at [email protected] for any questions.

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