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OmniSTAR Differential GNSS Services

The OmniSTAR service is offered worldwide by several overlapping satellite footprints, providing global and seamless coverage. This means that all user equipment, capable of decoding the OmniSTAR signal, can be used worldwide.

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OmniSTAR Differential Correction Service

OmniSTAR provides space-based GNSS correction services that can improve the accuracy of a GNSS receiver for precise positioning applications. Currently, there are four levels of OmniSTAR service:

  • “VBS” offering sub-meter positioning,
  • “XP” delivering better than 20 centimeter accuracy,
  • and “HP” delivering greater than10 centimeter accuracy.
  • OmniSTAR “G2” service combines GPS plus GLONASS based corrections to provide decimeter level positioning.

OmniSTAR is a wide-area differential GPS service, using satellite broadcast techniques. For the sub-meter service, data from many widely-spaced Reference Stations is used in a proprietary multi-site solution over most land areas worldwide. The high-accuracy HP solution uses more sophisticated data from these reference sites and XP uses satellite orbit and clock correction data which is independent of reference site location.

Trimble acquired certain assets related to the OmniSTAR Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signal corrections business from Fugro N.V. in 2011. Fugro operates OmniSTAR.

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