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Carolyn P. McDonald, President and CEO, and Director of Seminars
Carolyn McDonald founded NavtechGPS (then called Navigation Technology Seminars, Inc.) with Keith McDonald (retired, 2010) in 1984. They saw a need for technical training for the then newly developing global positioning system market. Carolyn’s management skills and Keith’s comprehensive knowledge of GPS technology were a perfect match for the GPS technical seminar business they built from a basement operation, which started with a few courses taught by Keith and other GPS experts, to the thriving multifaceted business it is today.
Carolyn’s creativity, vision, goal-oriented drive and determination enabled her to see opportunities and act on ideas that most others would shy away from. Carolyn’s ability to come up with new ideas and follow them through to completion resulted in a very successful business model for providing much needed GPS/GNSS training to engineers and technical professionals. Since 1984, NavtechGPS has trained thousands of GPS/GNSS professionals both domestically and internationally at public venues and on-site for commercial, research, and government organizations. NavtechGPS has become synonymous with high quality, effective GPS/GNSS technical training.
In the late 1980s, seeing a natural fit, Carolyn started the NavtechGPS book division, probably creating the first and largest retail GPS/GNSS book collection of its kind.
In the 1990s, as the GPS industry grew, Carolyn recognized the potential for selling GPS equipment and started the NavtechGPS product division led by Franck Boynton. According to Carolyn, "We saw a niche for providing our customers with GPS equipment options from many manufacturers, extensive GPS technical training, and a superb library of technical texts to choose from. We could advise our customers on the equipment that would best suit their projects and offer all these choices in one place." The product division now represents over 30 manufacturers, adding more all the time, and offers customers deep technical understanding, practical expertise and over 25 years of experience in GPS/GNSS and precise positioning technology to deliver innovative solutions for military, commercial and research COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) integration projects.
In the early days of The Institute of Navigation, as an ION member, Carolyn worked with Brad Parkinson, Allison Brown and Rudy Kalafus to create the first Satellite Division conference (1987). Carolyn was Chair of Meetings for the ION from about 1990 through 1997 and helped with conference planning, site selection and marketing.

From 1987 through 2010, NavtechGPS, under Carolyn’s direction, provided all of the pre-conference GPS technical tutorials for the ION Satellite Division conferences.
In January 2016 Carolyn McDonald  was honored by The Institute of Navigation as the 2015 recipient of the Norman P. Hays Award, for the development and production of over thirty years of engineering tutorials in the field of satellite navigation, timing and inertial navigation; and for development and sustained support of the ION's conference programs.
Carolyn is clearly a proven leader with seemingly limitless energy, vision, creativity and drive. She is especially good at reading and motivating people and is a master at understanding the individual talents of her employees and maximizing their strengths. Over the years, she has leveraged this insight to build a pool of talent and a thriving small woman-owned business.
Carolyn has a degree from the Mary Washington College of the University of Virginia.
Carolyn loves to travel, play the piano, sing and garden, and proudly accepts her role as ringmaster and "instigator" of the NavtechGPS-hosted Open Mic Night for more than 15 years running at the ION GNSS fall conferences.

Franck Boynton, Vice President and CTO
Franck Boynton has been with NavtechGPS since 1988. During his tenure, he helped the company grow from a relatively small player in the GPS/GNSS marketplace to a highly respected GPS reseller and solutions provided. Franck's technical GPS knowledge and innovative thinking has led to the company’s involvement in numerous projects for U.S. military organizations, private corporations and educational institutions. 
Franck's primary focus is on high accuracy GNSS real-time centimeter-level applications. He has been personally involved in choosing and assisting with integrating GPS solutions into many of the top unmanned UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and UGVs (Unmanned Ground Vehicles) used by the U.S. military. Franck also works with real-time high accuracy solutions, tracking systems, mining applications, agricultural applications, security systems, relative positioning systems, auto refueling systems, signal retransmission, signal networking, target tracking, photogrammetry, fault monitoring, machine control, testing and truth systems, antenna pointing, attitude determination, telemetry, simulations, video game creation and many other GPS/GNSS related applications. In addition to real-world applications, Franck has consulted for movies and TV shows where GPS was featured. In short, if it involves global navigation satellite systems, Franck is on top of it. 
Franck exhibits a keen technical aptitude and is able to develop creative solutions to difficult problems. He can take highly complex technical concepts and break them down for the lay person to understand. His course, "Practical GPS for Professional Users," has helped hundreds of professionals understand the basics of the GPS and its many uses.
Franck is certified by several manufacturers on high accuracy GPS receiver systems and OEM products. He is a member of The Institute of Navigation (ION) and the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI).  Franck also won a "best paper" award for GPS applications at the ION GNSS 2003 meeting. He has also co-chaired a number of ION technical sessions on new products, including at ION GNSS 2013 where he co-chaired the session on new products and commercial services.

Precy Jessen, Technical GPS Sales Account Manager
Precy Aquino-Jessen’s journey with NavtechGPS began in 1996. During her 13-plus years with NavtechGPS as technical sales account manager, she has developed long-term relationships with numerous contractors and system integrators in the GPS and GNSS arena. Precy takes pride in the relationships she has established with her customers and business colleagues and in her considerable knowledge of GPS products. She attributes her success to constant follow-up, attention to detail and a strong drive to succeed. She strives to exceed her customers’ expectations, which contributes to her stellar record of customer satisfaction. 
Precy especially enjoys meeting with prospective clients, current customers and partners face-to-face to better understand their needs and further develop her business relationships. She regularly attends manufacturer-sponsored and other technical training meetings to keep abreast of the technology and is a member of The Institute of Navigation.
Precy's journeys aren’t limited to NavtechGPS. Her wanderlust has taken her to 25 countries and most of the United States and territories. It is no wonder that this Philippine native, whose face lights up the room when she smiles, says that talking to people from all over the world and sharing experiences is one of her favorite pastimes. 



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