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NavtechGPS more than 30 years of experience in GPS / GNSS and precise positioning technology. As a GPS product distributor for over 30 manufacturers, we provide expertise, choices and innovative solutions for military, commercial and research COTS integration projects. Our deep technical understanding and practical experience have helped our partners win competitive programs and results in solutions to meet your technical, budgeting and scheduling requirements. 
Our projects have included work on
  • unmanned air / ground / maritime vehicles;
  • LiDAR applications;
  • precise recovery / docking systems;
  • reconnaissance for geolocation applications;
  • mobile surveillance vehicles;
  • precise attitude / heading system applications, and
  • PNT applications.
NavtechGPS is also a world leader in GNSS training with a comprehensive list of course offerings taught by world-class instructors. We have has trained thousands of GNSS professionals since 1984.
For our customers’ convenience, we also stock a supply of GPS accessories, such as battery kits, coaxial ground kits, cables, and survey thread adaptors.
NavtechGPS is a woman-owned small business.
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