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BX992 Receiver

The Trimble BX992 receiver has been designed for applications requiring continuous centimeter accuracy in a compact package. By integrating inertial sensors on the same module, robust high accuracy positions and orientations are produced in all environments.

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Trimble BX992 Dual Antenna Receiver with Integrated INS and MSS Band Demodulator

The BX992 enclosure is a dual-antenna receiver with and integrated inertial navigation system powered by the BD992-INS. The unit is in an environmentally sealed enclosure to withstand harsh environments. The Trimble BX992 module has been designed for applications that require continuous centimeter accuracy in a small package. Because it integrates inertial sensors on the same module, high accuracy positions and orientations are produced in all environments.

The BX992 supports triple frequency for the GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo constellations and is ready to take advantage of the additional signals. The BX992 not only delivers the fast reliable RTK initializations for centimeter positioning, but for applications that don’t require centimeter accuracy, its integrated GNSS-Inertial engine also delivers high accuracy GNSS, DGNSS positions in challenging environments like urban canyons.


  • Trimble Maxwell 7 Technology
  • Optional Trimble ProPoint positioning engine
  • Onboard high accuracy inertial sensor package integrated with GNSS for precise position and orientation
  • 336 Channels per antenna for multi-constellation GNSS support
  • OmniSTAR/RTX Support
  • Compact design for mobile applications
  • Flexible RS232, USB and Ethernet interfacing
  • Centimeter level position accuracy
  • Advanced RF Spectrum Monitoring
  • Rugged IP67 Enclosure

Documents & Specs

Trimble BX992 Data Sheet

Trimble OEM GNSS Receivers Brochure

Trimble Unmanned Brochure


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ProPoint(TM) Engine

Trimble® ProPoint™ Positioning Engine

Trimble® ProPoint high-precision positioning engine provides position and orientation data from the fusion of (1) GNSS signals, (2) globally accessible high-accuracy correction services, and (3) measurement data from a variety of sensors. It leverages the latest in GNSS signal infrastructure and Trimble’s high-precision receiver hardware to deliver improved positioning performance in challenging environments. It also contains dynamic models of specific application movements allowing it to filter out unexpected dynamic movements, such as with a bulldozer sliding sideways during operation, for improved accuracy.

Improved RTK Accuracy
  • Improved RTK and Trimble RTX® performance in challenging environments where satellite line of sight can be impaired, such as under tree canopy, highway overpasses, and in dense urban areas.
  • Sensor Fusion using tighter integration of GNSS and IMU (and new technologies in the future) to provide continuous position and orientation solution.
  • Dynamic models tuned to specific applications such as automotive vs off-road vs marine for enhanced performance.
Increased Availability
  • Independent tracking loop to enable tracking of L2C, L5 signals in the solution if L1 is jammed.
  • Robust GNSS performance under harsh conditions such as canopy and urban environments.
  • Reduced convergence times (<1 min in RTX-Fast regions) by utilizing multi-constellation signals from GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou and QZSS
Better Integrity
  • Advanced signal filtering and error modeling means better protection against jamming, spoofing and multipath interference.
  • Improved satellite health reporting to better handle unforeseen constellation outages.
  • Incorporation of Galileo NeQuick ionospheric model results in better resiliency.
Enhanced Constellation Support
  • Implementation of all open BeiDou3 signals in RTK and RTX solution.
  • Support for E6 data channel on Gen-II QZSS satellite signals.
  • NAVIC support for correction formats.
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