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Down/Up Converters


Forsberg StarLink DGPS Coax Down / Up Converters (DUC) converters are the perfect add-on for L1 GPS installations where long antenna cables are needed and a simple in-line amplifier will not suffice.

The DUC product is optimized for generic RG-58 cable and can be used for lengths of up to 450 meters.

You may recognize this as a Raven StarLink product. Forsberg took over  Raven StarLink RF DGPS product line in April 2015. NavtechGPS is the exclusive North American distributor for Forsberg StarLink DGPS products. 


Coax Down / Up Converter Kit (DUC-1-COAX)

Coax Down / Up Converter Kit (DUC-1-COAX)

Item# DUC-1-COAX

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