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GPS Jammer Detector And Locator System To Be Sold In The United States By NavtechGPS

August 12, 2013

Chronos CTL3520 GPS Jammer Detector © Chronos Technology
Chronos CTL3520 GPS Jammer Detector
© Chronos Technology

SPRINGFIELD, VA. AUGUST 12, 2013. NavtechGPS to market the CTL3520, which not only detects GPS signal jamming, but can also locate the source of the jamming.

GPS jamming in vehicles is a concern for law enforcement and security agencies, including local and federal government authorities. Until recently, detecting the source of the jamming has proved elusive. NavtechGPS is pleased to announce that as part of its continuing partnership with Chronos Technology, NavtechGPS will be distributing the Chronos CTL3520 Handheld Directional GPS Jammer Detector and Locator for sale in the United States.
Aimed specifically at detecting GPS jammers hidden in vehicles, the unit can pinpoint even the weakest jammer and identify the vehicle where the jammer is hidden, even in a busy multi-level parking garage. Other applications include detecting vehicles with jammers at airports, fleet depots, airport parking garages and in taxi fleets.

This handheld, battery operated device quickly locates the presence of jamming signals from commercially available GPS jammers or too much power or interference broadcast in the GPS L1 band. The CTL3520 uses innovative direction finding technology developed by the University of Bath to accurately determine which vehicle or individual is hosting the jammer, and then point the user in the direction of the jammer.

“The device is compact, lightweight, easy to use, and sensitive. It can detect very low-power jammers that are commercially available,” says NavtechGPS CTO and Vice President Franck Boynton. “The technology can be used to find both intentional and unintentional GPS signal jamming. There are those who deliberately use these jammers for criminal or terrorist activities. Signal jamming can render your GPS useless, making this product especially important to those who are concerned about protecting critical infrastructures, like Homeland Security.”

More information about this device, including specifications, can be found at www.NavtechGPS.com on the CTL3520 product page.

About NavtechGPS

NavtechGPS has nearly 30 years of experience in GPS/GNSS and precise positioning technology. As a distributor of GPS and GNSS related products, NavtechGPS delivers innovative solutions for military, commercial and research COTS integration projects. NavtechGPS has been a critical team member on hundreds of projects and has helped its partners win competitive programs. NavtechGPS is also a world leader in GPS/GNSS education with a comprehensive course list taught by world-class instructors who have educated thousands of GNSS professionals since 1984. For more information about NavtechGPS, its products, services and seminars, visit www.NavtechGPS.com. (A Woman-Owned Small Business 8(m)).

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