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Item #: R100

Hemisphere GPS R100 Series Integrated DGPS Receivers

This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please contact us about other options.

The Hemisphere GNSS R100 Series offers positioning through difficult environments, even when signals are temporarily lost.

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Hemisphere R100 Series Receiver

The Hemisphere R100 series receivers (R100, R110, R120, R130, R131, R220, R320) have been replaced by the R330™ GNSS RTK receiver. 
Complete your work quickly and accurately with the R100™ Series DGPS receiver. Rely on consistent sub-meter performance with standard SBAS differential and Hemisphere GNSS COAST™ technology that maintains accuracy during temporary loss of differential signal. The R100 Series offers many differential correction options for various environments and worldwide coverage. The simple interface and solid construction make the R100 Series the ideal solution for professional mapping, guidance and navigation applications.
160-0231-000    Crescent - L1 RTK/L-Dif Base (Firmware + Activation)
160-0230-000    Crescent L1 RTK Rover (Firmware + Activation)
160-0206-000    Crescent L-Dif (Firmware + Activation)
160-0204-000    Crescent RTCM Base or e-Dif (Firmware + Activation)
160-0203-000    Crescent 20 Hz (Activation)
Close-Out Sale: 940-2077-000    R100 Receiver Kit  (L1 GPS, SBAS)
Discontinued, No longer available: 940-2078-000    R110 Receiver Kit  (L1 GPS, SBAS, Beacon)
Discontinued, No longer available: 940-2079-000    R120 Receiver Kit  (L1 GPS, SBAS, OmniSTAR)
Discontinued, No longer available: 940-2067-000    R131 Receiver Kit  (L1 GPS, SBAS, Beacon, OmniSTAR)
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