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Vector H102 GPS Compass OEM Board

Enjoy the simplified integration, flexible communication, and powerful, precise performance of the all-in-one Vector™ H102™ GPS compass OEM board. The integrated Crescent® Vector II technology offers precise heading and positioning as well as heave, pitch and roll output.

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Hemisphere GNSS Vector H102™ GPS Compass Board

The Hemisphere Vector™ H102™ offers flexible communication and powerful, precise performance with the all-in-one Vector™ H102™ GPS Compass OEM board. The integrated Crescent Vector II technology offers precise heading and positioning, plus pitch and roll output.

The H102 integrates two GPS antennas, a CANBUS communications processor, a single axis gyro, tilt sensors and a power supply into a single module. The dual antennas allow easy integration into your application and provide 0.75 degree heading and 1.0 m position accuracy even while sitting stationary.

The gyro and tilt sensor improves system performance and provides backup heading information if the GPS-based heading is temporarily lost. The Crescent Vector II technology provides more accurate code phase measurement and improved multipath mitigation for better accuracy and stability.

Key Features

  • Delivers 2D GPS heading accuracy better than .75 degree rms
  • Differential positioning accuracy of 1.0 m, 95 percent of the time
  • All-in-one, smart antenna design for simple integration
  • Heading and position output rates up to 20 Hz
  • NMEA 2000 certified
  • Integrated gyro and tilt sensors deliver fast start-up times and heading updates during temporary loss of GPS
  • SBAS compatible (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, etc.) and optional external differential input
  • COAST technology maintains differentially corrected positioning for 40 minutes after loss of differential signal

Crescent Vector Firmware Options

  • Crescent Vector 20 Hz activation
160-0209-000    Crescent Vector - 20Hz (Activation)
940-3050-000 - H102 Crescent Vector II SMart Antenna Module includes L1 GPS, 10 Hz, (Heading & Position), Raw data
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