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Introducing the G1-m1 Portable Surveying and Mapping System

March 3, 2015

The G1-m1 Survey and Mapping System in a Clear Case © Geomatics USA
The G1-m1 Survey and Mapping System in a Clear Case
© Geomatics USA

Geomatics USA and NavtechGPS have partnered to bring you a compact precision GNSS system that is remarkably affordable and perfect for travel.

Special Introductory Pricing Available for a Limited Time. See Details.

SPRINGFIELD, VA / ACCESSWIRE / March 3, 2015 / Geomatics USA, LLC, from Gainesville, Florida, has designed a precision surveying and mapping system that could be easily stowed in an overhead compartment for airline travel. Now you can fit everything you need for your important mapping and surveying job into a baseball-style bag, including tripods. The system is not only compact and light weight; it offers differential sub-foot accuracy at a surprisingly affordable price. Geomatics USA has designated NavtechGPS as its worldwide distributor.

The G1-m1 receiver system has many advantages over conventional GNSS receivers. It is small, light weight, and low-cost without sacrificing quality. This makes it make ideal for precision surveying jobs, which require travel in remote areas of the world, and for traveling to job sites by commercial airline. The complete base and rover kit, including the tripods, rods, and batteries, fits into a single baseball style bag and weigh less than 10 kg, making it easy to stow as carry-on luggage!

The Geomatics USA G1 system is scalable from a simple single-frequency semi-mobile receiver – ideal for control networks and some semi-kinematic mapping applications – to a dual-frequency network RTK solution. All of the Geomatics USA G1 solutions perform precision-quality tasks at a fraction of the cost of major-brand equipment.

The G1-m1 system comes with a free processing software license for the first 50 systems that supports carrier-phase relative positioning and CA-code differential correction. The software is designed with a simple user interface for easy selection of base and rover data or automatic data download of the closest Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) from the U.S. National Geodetic Survey database. It is compatible with other RINEX based post-process systems around the world.

According to Geomatics USA Chief Technology Officer Ahmed Mohamed, “The G1 product line fills the gap between survey applications, where cm-level precision is an absolute necessity, and mapping applications, where meter-level precision is acceptable. In fact, the G1-m1 product offers sub-foot precision in most cases and cm-level precision in ideal situations. Geomatics USA uses readily available components and open-source code to develop its end user product solutions. The objective is to make sure the software performs correctly with a very short learning curve for the user.”

For a limited time, Geomatics is offering a specially priced configuration for the first 50 systems through NavtechGPS, its worldwide distributor. For $1998, the G1-m1 system will include two antennas, two receivers, a Horus(TM) software license, ALL peripherals, providing differential sub-foot accuracy, CORS-post processing compatibility, and GPS + SBAS. Geomatics will even include a baseball style bag to complete the system! (The regular price for the G1-m1 receiver alone is $999.) Other options are available, such as GLONASS, for an additional cost.

Contact NavtechGPS for details about the G1-m1 system and this special limited time introductory offer, or visit www.NavtechGPS.com and search G1-m1 for the product page.

About NavtechGPS:

NavtechGPS has nearly 30 years of experience in GPS/GNSS and precise positioning technology. As a distributor of GPS and GNSS related products, NavtechGPS delivers innovative solutions for military, commercial and research COTS integration projects. NavtechGPS has been a critical team member on hundreds of projects and has helped its partners win competitive programs. NavtechGPS is also a world leader in GPS/GNSS education with a comprehensive course list taught by world-class instructors who have educated thousands of GNSS professionals since 1984. For more information about NavtechGPS, its products, services and seminars, visit www.NavtechGPS.com. (A Woman-Owned Small Business 8(m)).

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