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NavtechGPS Partners with TRX Systems to Bring You Real-Time Indoor Location for GPS-Denied Tracking

February 27, 2013

Indoor Location Without a Preexisting or Networked Infrastructure

FEBRUARY 27, 2013 08:00 AM

NEON On Scene Configurations © TRX Systems
NEON On Scene Configurations
© TRX Systems

SPRINGFIELD, VA (February 26, 2013) — NavtechGPS, a distributor of GPS and GNSS precise positioning products and an innovator in providing solutions for military and commercial projects, expands its offerings beyond GNSS to include NEON, TRX Systems’ real-time indoor location system. Unlike other real-time locating systems (RTLS), NEON is unique in delivering indoor location without requiring a preexisting or networked infrastructure.

NEON meets the requirements for event security, training, and other mission-essential applications that require a highly portable system to deliver precision indoor location. NEON greatly improves situational awareness through advanced sensor fusion, time-of-flight (TOF) ranging and mapping algorithms to deliver precise, real-time location of personnel in GPS-denied locations. While NEON delivers location in many areas where maps are not available, NEON can also take advantage of the abundance of available 3D map and floor plan information.

The NEON indoor location system can be used in the following applications, and more.

Security: To deliver improved situational awareness and safety by delivering real-time 2D and 3D location of security personnel operating in and around buildings.

  • Urban Area Training: To increase training effectiveness with clear situational awareness indoors and in GPS-denied areas. The system is highly portable and can be set up permanently or immediately prior to a training event.
  • Defense: To provide clear situational awareness indoors and in GPS-denied areas, including delivering real-time 2D and 3D location for personnel operating in and around buildings, in caves, and in densely forested areas.

The NEON indoor location navigation engine is a software-based location engine that calculates path and location for personnel in GPS-denied environments. The navigation engine intelligently fuses information from all available sensors, including accelerometer, gyroscope, altimeter, TOF ranging, and GPS, to deliver an accurate path. The navigation engine continually analyzes and assesses all sensor data for quality and consistency. Sensor integrity monitoring is an important and innovative design feature that provides inherent and unparalleled navigation robustness. Navigation calculations also leverage dynamically generated or preconfigured map and/or building data to enhance accuracy.

NavtechGPS Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Franck Boynton says, “We are excited to finally see an indoor real-time positioning system that doesn’t need to rely on infrastructure. We look forward to supporting TRX Systems in promoting this innovative and potentially life-saving product.”

See the TRX Systems NEON kit and learn more about its possibilities.

About TRX Systems

TRX Systems delivers precise, infrastructure-free tracking systems that safeguard personnel operating indoors and in locations without access to reliable GPS. The TRX Systems’ unique sensor fusion and mapping technology greatly improves situational awareness and command effectiveness by providing precise, real time 3D personnel location in areas that are GPS-denied. For more information on NEON Indoor Location Technology, visit: http://www.TRXSystems.com.

About NavtechGPS

NavtechGPS has nearly years of experience in GPS/GNSS and precise positioning technology. As a distributor of GPS and GNSS related products, NavtechGPS delivers innovative solutions for military, commercial and research COTS integration projects. NavtechGPS has been a critical team member on hundreds of projects and has helped its partners win competitive programs. NavtechGPS is also a world leader in GPS/GNSS education with a comprehensive list of course offerings taught by world-class instructors who have educated thousands of GNSS professionals since 1984. (A Woman-Owned Small Business 8(m)).

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