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TW4037 Single Band GNSS Antenna

The Tallysman TW4037 is a low power, low gain, compact GNSS antenna covering the GPS L1, as well as SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS & MSAS).

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Tallysman TW4037 Single Band GNSS Antenna

The TW4037 requires very low power of just 5.5 mA with constant characteristics over supply voltages from 2.5V to 16V .   It is ideal for battery operated positioning and fleet management and asset tracking applications. This single-feed patch element achieves a very wide bandwidth compared to other competitive antennas. It supports 1 dB RHCP received power across the full frequency. The TW4037 has a dual stage Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) with a mid-section SAW that supports a great axial ratio across the full frequency. The TW4037 is housed in an industrial-grade weather-proof enclosure that can be surface mounted via magnet, screws or adhesive material.

LNA Pre-filter Available
If you need enhanced protection against high level sub-harmonic signals like LTE and near frequency signals such as WiFi, the alternative TW4039 provides these additional benefits with an LNA pre-filter. 


  • 5.5 mA current draw
  • Invariant response, 2.5 to 16 VDC Supply
  • Low Noise 3.3 dB typ.
  • Axial ratio: 4 dB max.
  • Low gain: 12dB typ.
  • IP67 weather proof housing


  • Longer battery life
  • Excellent signal to noise ratio
  • RoHS compliant
  • Ideal for harsh environments
  • Excellent out of band signal rejection


TW4xxx Housed Drawing
Dimensions in Millimeters


Tallysman TW4037/TW4039 Data Sheet

Tallysman Connector and Cable Options

Tallysman offers a number of connector and cable options for its antennas. Use the guide below to find the available options for your antenna or contact us for help.

Tallysman Part Number Ordering Guide

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