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VEXXIS GNSS-804L Antenna

The GNSS-804L antenna by NovAtel is able to maintain a low profile while achieving both high peak zenith gain and low gain roll-off from zenith to horizon, without sacrificing tracking performance. It is an excellent choice for applications where the sky is only partially visible, such as operating close to tree lines, under foliage, or in urban canyons.

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VEXXIS™ GNSS-804L Antenna

The NovAtel VEXXIS GNSS-800 series antennas feature a patented multi-point feeding network and radiation pattern optimization technology. 

In additional to having enhanced performance in multipath environments, the GNSS-804 antenna is able to maintain a low profile while achieving both high peak zenith gain and low gain roll-off from zenith to horizon without sacrificing tracking performance. This technology significantly enhances the low-elevation angle tracking capabilities, extending operation to the entire GNSS constellation. The greater phase center stability directly translates into improved carrier phase measurement and a better RTK solution.

The ability to track low elevation satellites while maintaining a high gain for higher elevation satellites makes the GNSS-804 an good choice for any applications where the sky is partially visible. The antenna is able to track any visible satellites from horizon to zenith, providing the maximum number of observations for an enhanced positioning solution.

The GNSS-800 antennas are tough high-precision antennas. They feature ultra-durable watertight enclosures and can sustain intense vibration. They have an MIL-STD-810G rating.


  • Supports dual-frequency GPS and GLONASS, Galilo and Beidou signals
  • L-Band signal reception, supporting correction services such as TerraStar
  • Multi-point antenna feed provides stable phase center and enhanced multipath rejection
  • Radiation pattern optimization technology yields exceptional low elevation satellite tracking
  • Provides exceptional tracking performance previously unachievable in a small form factor
  • Hermetically sealed enclosure to endure the toughest environments
NovAtel VEXXIS GNSS-804L Data Sheet
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