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Item #: BD990

BD990 Triple Frequency GNSS Receiver

The BD990 is a triple frequency receiver for all GNSS constellations.

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Trimble BD990 Triple Frequency GNSS Receiver

The Trimble BD990 supports triple frequency for the GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo constellations. As the number of satellites in the constellations grows the BD990 is ready to take advantage of the additional signals. This delivers the quickest and most reliable RTK initializations for centimeter positioning.

With the latest Trimble Maxwell 7 Technology, the BD990 provides:

  • 336 Channels for multi-constellation GNSS support
  • Trimble RTX and OmniSTAR Support
  • Compact design for mobile applications
  • Flexible RS232, USB and Ethernet interfacing
  • Centimeter-level position accuracy
  • Advanced RF Spectrum Monitoring

With the option of utilizing OmniSTAR or RTX services, the BD990 delivers varying levels of performance down to centimeter-level without the use of a base station.

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