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NavCom ANT-3001 Series Antennas

NavComs family of antennas is designed to enhance and support the performance of NavComs precise positioning receivers. The antennas receive multi-constellation signals including GPS, GLONASS and Galileo, as well as WAAS, EGNOS and StarFire plus other SBAS signals.

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NavCom Antenna Family

The new multi-constellation antennas fully complement the SF-3050 family of Integrated StarFire Receivers. NavComs SF-3050 receiver, applies patented multipath mitigation that enhances NavComs family of antennas to allow for a significant reduction in the effects of multipath. Providing unsurpassed performance and reliability, NavComs family of antennas support survey, aerial, reference station, government and military and machine control applications.
The ANT-3001R GNSS Rover Antenna is ideal for high precision applications and supports multi-constellation receivers. Designed for pole or tripod mounting, the ANT-3001R Rover Antenna is a rugged, lightweight antenna suitable for survey and machine control applications.
The ANT-3001A GNSS Aerial Antenna is ideal for airborne and other mobile applications. Its low-pro?le and easy to mount design is FAA certified for use in aerial applications.
The ANT-3001BR GNSS Rover Antenna is a high-performance geodetic choke ring antenna for use in reference station applications. It is constructed to withstand harsh external environments while providing mechanical stability to support installation for CORS and other similar permanent installations.

NavCom ANT-3000 Series Antennas Data Sheet

82-001017-0001LF - ANT-3001L L1/G1/E1 Antenna
82-001020-3001LF - ANT-3001R Survey Antenna
82-001021-3001LF - ANT-3001BR Chokering Antenna
82-001022-3001LF - ANT-3001A Aerial Antenna

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