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L1/L2GPNRRKIT L1L2 Portable Hangar Network Re-Radiating Kit

GPS L1/L2/L5 Galileo, GLONASS and Omnistar Portable Re-Radiating Kit. Available with BNC , N-type, SMA & TNC connectors. Optional Weatherproofing. External Power Supply, available with 110, 220, 240, or MC.

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GPS Networking L1/L2 GPS Portable Re-Radiating Kit

The L1/L2 GPS Portable Re-Radiating Kit (L1/L2GPNRRKIT) is a re-radiating system that allows re-radiation of the GPS L1, L2, L5, Galileo, GLONASS and Omnistar signals indoors. The L1/L2PNRRKIT consists of a re-radiating amplifier with variable gain, a wall mount plug-in transformer that powers the entire system and a passive L1/L2 re-radiating antenna.
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PLEASE NOTE: U.S. customers must provide proof of authorization from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) before the purchase of a re-radiating (repeater) kit can be completed. For further information regarding NTIA requirements, see Chapter 8.3.28 of the NTIA manual.

L1L2GPNRRKIT Datasheet

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