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Item #: OEM617D

NovAtel OEM617D GNSS Receiver

The manufacturer has issued an end of life (EOL) notice for this product. We have a limited number still in stock. Contact us for details. 

The OEM617D is a compact, dual antenna, dual-frequency GNSS receiver with RTK functionality and ALIGN heading capability.

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NovAtel OEM617D GNSS Receiver

The Manufacturer has issued an end of life (EOL) Notice for this product. We have a limited number still in stock. Contact us for details.

NovAtel will continue to support and repair these products until: March 31, 2021.


For a complete list of affected part numbers and the associated replacement part numbers, see below:

  1. Discontinued Part Number: OEM617D-xxx-xxx-xxx

  2. Replacement Part Number: OEM7720 series

NOTE: The OEM617D and OEM7720 have different connectors. For integration information, please contact us.

Software models between OEM6 and OEM7® are defined differently. For information on the OEM7 series receivers, please contact us.

The OEM 617D is backwards compatible with the OEM615 form factor. The 617D is a dual-frequency, dual antenna receiver offering heading and precise positioning for space constrained applications. It is ready for existing GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou signals.

Dual-frequency, dual antenna input allows the OEM617D to take advantage of NovAtel CORRECT™ with RTK and ALIGN functionality, making it ideal for ground vehicles, marine or aircraft based systems, capable of providing industry leading GNSS multi-constellation heading and position data in static and dynamic environments.

The modular nature of NovAtel’s OEM6 firmware gives users the flexibility to configure the OEM617D for their unique application needs. Scalable to offer sub-metre to centimetre level positioning and field upgradeable with selected OEM6 family software options. Options include NovAtel CORRECT with RTK for centimetre-level real-time positioning, ALIGN for precise heading and relative positioning, GLIDE™ for decimetre-level pass-to-pass accuracy and RAIM for increased GNSS pseudorange integrity.
  • Dual-frequency RTK with precise ALIGN heading pitch/roll
  • Dual-frequency GPS GLONASS BeiDou RTK and ALIGN heading solution
  • Easy to integrate
  • Compact size and low power
  • Increased satellite availability with BeiDou, GLONASS and Galileo* tracking (on select models)
  • GLIDE smoothing algorithm
  • RT-2®, ALIGN and RAIM firmware options
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