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GPSoft Wander-Azimuth-Mechanizations

Wander Azimuth Mechanizations

In addition to the north-slaved mechanization, the GPSoft Inerial Navigation toolbox supports wander azimuth mechanizations including Free Azimuth, Foucault and Unipolar. Consider the following example simulations produced with the toolbox. In each case, a great circle path from New York to Istanbul was followed ( See Great Circle Path INS Simulation with Sensor Errors)

Free Azimuth Simulation

In the free azimuth case, the vertical component of craft rate is set to zero. As a result, the computed azimuth (yaw) remains constant. The actual heading is given by yaw-minus-wander-angle. Note that the wind is assumed to be zero thus the heading is also the aircraft course.

GPSoft Free Azimuth Model 1

Since the local-level frame is NOT east-north-up (ENU), additional computation is required to determine east and north velocities:

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