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Item #: AsteRx2e OEM

Septentrio AsteRx2e OEM

The AsteRx2e receiver family provides all-in-view dual-frequency GPS/GLONASS receivers for demanding industrial applications.

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AsteRx2e Receivers

The AsteRx2e OEM and AsteRx2e HDC are no longer available for sale; AsteRx2e OEM has been replaced by the AsteRx-4 OEM and AsteRx2e HDC has been replaced by the AsteRx-U. Please contact us for assistance. 

The AsteRx2e receiver family provides all-in-view dual-frequency GPS  /GLONASS receivers for demanding industrial applications. As member of the AsteRx-family of compact OEM boards, AsteRx2e features proven high-quality all-in-view GPS and GLONASS tracking and Septentrios advanced multipath mitigation algorithm APME, offering cm-level measurement quality for high precision positioning, even in challenging environments.  Terrastar-D Service is available for the AsteRx2eL OEM.
Main Features
* 136 hardware channels
* Up to 25 Hz data output rate
* A Posteriori Multipath Estimator technique (APME)
* Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM)
* Differential GPS (base station and rover)
* Compact OEM board and housed solutions
* Includes intuitive GUI (RxControl) and detailed operating and installation manual
Ax2e_GLO    P2092     Upgrade of GPS-only configuration with GLONASS capabilities
Ax2e_RTK     P2002     RTK + Moving Base option (RTK base/rover) (incl. DGPS)
Ax2e_BASE   P2012     Outputs RTK Base corrections
Ax2e_Event  P2022     Event Marker option (2 marker inputs)
Ax2e_ETH     P2042     Ethernet option (AsteRx2eH/Asterx2eL, incl. CBLe_ETH_MX in housed version)
Ax2e_LOG    P2032     Enables logging functionality
Ax2e_HHW    P2132     Upgrade from single antenna to dual antenna operation (AsteRx2eH OEM_HW / PRO_HW only)
Ax2e_HDG     P2122     Heading option (AxteRx2eH OEM_HW / PRO_HW only)
AsteRx2e OEM_L1       400036B1032     Single Frequency version of AsteRx2e_OEM, GPS only configuration,
AsteRx2e OEM_L1G    400036B1033     Single-Frequency GPS/GLONASS receiver board
AsteRx2e OEM             400036B1034     Dual frequency GPS/GLONASS receiver board (GPS-only configuration)
AsteRx2eH OEM           400038B1084     Dual frequency GPS/GLONASS Heading receiver GPS/GLONASS configuration
AsteRx2eH OEM_HW  400038B1082     Dual-Frequency GPS/GLONASS receiver board, GPS single antenna configuration
AsteRx2eL OEM           400058B1042     Dual frequency GPS/GLONASS/L-Band receiver board (incl PPP, GPS-only configuration) -                                                                                                              Terrastar Service available for this model only
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