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NovAtel CORRECT® is the positioning algorithm on NovAtel’s GNSS receivers that handles corrections from a variety of sources, including RTK, PPP, SBAS and DGPS. With NovAtel CORRECT®, you can choose the corrections method that best meets the requirements and performance objectives of your application.

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NovAtel TerraStar-X™

TerraStar-X enables RTK From the Sky™ using corrections delivered via L-band satellite for maximum uptime without the additional cost of base station infrastructure or cellular plans. Convergence to 2 cm accuracy is achieved in less than 60 seconds and TerraStar-X service operates seamlessly with TerraStar-C PRO for continuous centimeter-level accuracy for customers operating on the edges of the coverage area.

TerraStar-X Features

  • Maximum coverage, performance and uptime without the logistics and equipment investment of an RTK network
  • 2.5 cm 95% Horizontal accuracy
  • 2 cm (sub-inch) pass to pass accuracy for agriculture applications
  • Converges in under 1 minute, significantly reducing wait time
  • Provides indefinite RTK ASSIST PRO solution for applications where traditional RTK in still required
  • Seamless operation with existing TerraStar-C PRO services

Correction Service Options

Performance TerraStar-X 3 TerraStar-L 1 TerraStar-C 2 TerraStar-C Pro
Horizontal Accuracy 3

2 cm (RMS)

2.5 cm (95%)

40 cm (RMS)

50 cm (95%)

4 cm (RMS)

5 cm (95%)

2.5 cm (RMS)

3 cm (95%)

Vertical Accuracy 3 5 cm (RMS) 60 cm (RMS) 6.5 cm (RMS) 5 cm (RMS)
Convergence Time 4 <1 min <5 min 30-45 min <18 min
Supported Platform OEM7 OEM7, OEM6 OEM6


Coverage Area Regional Global Global



  • Satellite-delivered corrections eliminate the need for base station(s) and cellular network connectivity
  • TerraStar corrections superior GNSS reference network, redundant system architecture, continuous quality monitoring
  • High rate corrections provide rapid re-convergence, typically in less than 60 seconds following brief GNSS signal disruptions
  • OEM positioning technology allows continuous operation through correction signal interruptions up to 300 seconds 
  • Overlapping geostationary satellite coverage ensures maximal coverage  
  • Triple L-Band tracking5 allows better correction signals reception even in challenging environments
  • A seamlessly integrated solution from a single source including GNSS hardware and corrections


  1. TerraStar-L is available on OEM7 products and the following OEM6 products: OEM628, FlexPak6 and SMART6-L products. TerraStar-L convergence time is specified to a horizontal accuracy of 50 cm at 95 percent.
  2. TerraStar-C was replaced by TerraStar-C Pro in 2019. TerraStar-C is only available on OEM628, OEM638, FlexPak6, ProPak6 and SMART6-L products. 
  3. Measured performance from seven-day static data. Horizontal and vertical accuracy may differ based on receiver capabilities, location, GNSS constellation health and visibility, GNSS/L-Band signal obstructions, level of multipath/interference, and local atmospheric conditions. 
  4. Convergence times may vary by several minutes and are dependent on observing conditions including the number of visible GNSS signals, level of multipath and proximity to obstructions like large trees or buildings. TerraStar-C and PRO convergence times are specified to a horizontal accuracy of 5 cm at 95 percent.
  5.  Triple L-Band tracking is supported only on OEM7 platforms. Most locations have at least two geostationary satellites in view.

NovAtel Global Correction Services Brochure

NovAtel CORRECT™ Brochure

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