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The OxTS xOEM550 is small enough to fit the palm of your hand, making it ideal for integrating into systems that require a high performance inertial navigation system. The compact size and light weight means you don’t have to sacrifice performance in weight restricted installations like UAV payloads.

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Oxford Technical Solutions (OxTS) xOEM 550 Board Set 

Lightweight and highly accurate INS for system integrators

Built for system integrators
The xOEM series of inertial navigation systems offer Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators an extremely lightweight, compact solution for any application requiring a complete 3-D navigation solution. Based on the xNAV series, the xOEM series offers all the same great features and functionality but as an embedded GNSS INS board set, shedding over two thirds of the weight and allowing manufacturers to integrate and build directly into their product.

Smallest tactical grade INS available
Weighing from just 120 g in a compact board set configuration, limited space or weight restricted applications are not a problem for the xOEM. High grade MEMS gyros and accelerometers go through a rigorous calibration process to squeeze out the maximum performance while keeping the cost down for customers. The result is an IMU with small in-run bias stability and low random walk that can deliver exceptional orientation accuracy.

RTK quality accuracy
Available with either single- or dual-frequency receivers, to suit your requirements. Tight-coupling, differential GNSS, dual GNSS heading and premium inertial sensors are combined to give great performance. Tight-coupling ensures GNSS measurements continue to be used in difficult conditions. Differential GNSS, either post-processed from a CORS network or logged in real-time with a mobile base station, make it easy to achieve cm-level position accuracy. Combined forward-backwards (in time) processing and an odometer input (for wheel based vehicle use) minimizes the drift when GNSS is not available to 2.5 m in 1 minute, surpassing many larger and more expensive systems.

Flexible Integration
Standard NMEA messages, a 1PPS, and configurable TTL pulses can be output for precise synchronisation and time-stamping. Event input triggers are also available to generate data points based on external timing and sensors like a camera shutter or LiDAR scan.


  • Development tools and resources supplied for easy integration
  • Simple synchronisation with other sensors
  • One of the worlds smallest tactical grade INS
  • Dual GNSS receivers
  • 2 centimetre-level position
  • No export restrictions
  • Complete software suite included at no extra cost
  • Up to 250 Hz update rate


OxTS xOEM 55O INS Board Data Sheet
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