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Ashtech DG14 OEM Receiver


The DG14™ from Ashtech is a cost-effective, sub-meter GPS+Beacon+SBAS receiver. It incorporates signals from Satellite Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS), such as WAAS, EGNOS & MSAS, or an embedded beacon receiver to provide sub-meter differential positioning.

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DG14 OEM Receiver – Discontinued

NOTE: This product has been discontinued and replaced by the MB-TWO.
The DG14 comes standard as a 14-channel receiver with 12 GPS L1 code and carrier channels and two SBAS channels. Two additional DGPS beacon channels are available as an optional feature. The two SBAS channels can be configured as two additional GPS channels offering a total of 14 GPS channels. DG14 can provide up to 20-Hz precise three-dimensional position and raw data for real-time guidance and navigation.DG14 can output SBAS ranging, ephemeris and differential corrections through the serial port. While DG14 offers three standard RS232 ports, it is capable of single port operation. In addition, DG14 comes standard with User Defined Messages (UDM) software, a feature that enables the user to create custom messages.
680045 - RAIM
680127 - 10 Hz Position/Raw data Update Rate
680128 - 20 Hz Position/Raw data Update Rate (Not available with DG RTK firmware)
680139 - Differential Beacon
680141 - User Defined Messaging
680143 - 3rd Serial Port
680149 - Multi-base Differential with WADGPS (Not available with 20 Hz option)
680132 - RTCM Base (Message Types - 1,2,3,6,9,16)
802036 - RTK Upgrade Kit (Option [J] and RTK firmware)
990505-01 - DG14 BOARD: 14 Channel GPS+SBAS Receiver (Standard Firmware)
990505-10 - DG14 BOARD: 14 Channel GPS+SBAS Receiver (DG RTK Firmware)
990560      - DG14-L BOARD: 14 Channel GPS+SBAS Receiver
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