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NovAtel MEMS Interface Card (MIC)
NovAtel MEMS Interface Card (MIC)
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NovAtel MEMS Interface Card (MIC)

Item# MIC

NovAtel's MIC is the interface between NovAtel's SPAN® supporting GNSS receivers and their MEMS sensors. View Full Description

Category: IMU
Manufacturer: NovAtel


MEMS Interface Card (MIC) SPAN® Interface

NovAtel's MIC is the interface between its SPAN® supporting GNSS receivers and its Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) sensors. NovAtel SPAN-MEMS line of GNSS / INS products provides a powerful solution for application developers who are looking for continuous position, velocity and attitude (roll, pitch, yaw), but are faced with weight, size and/or power constraints.

The compact, lightweight MIC supports power and communication functions of NovAtel SPAN MEMS solutions. Designed as a board stack configuration for ease of integration, the MIC can be directly interfaced to NovAtel's OEM6 receivers, including the small form factor OEM615 SPAN receiver to provide integrators with an extremely compact, powerful GPS/INS engine.


  • Paired with OEM615 delivers smallest SPAN-MEMS option
  • Honeywell International and Analogue Devices IMUs supported


  • Small size integrates easily
  • Facilitates GNSS/INS systems within size and weight constrained applications
  • Compatible with range of SPAN enabled receivers providing multiple positioning options
  • MEMS IMU options from Honeywell International and Analog Devices provide a variety of price point and accuracy levels. The MIC is compatible with NovAtel's range of SPAN enabled receiver products. Existing SPAN customers can purchase the new MEMS IMUS as standalone units for easy pairing with their SPAN products. Please see product matrix for receiver pairing options.