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Powered by TerraStar, RTK ASSIST enables NovAtel receivers to maintain centimeter-level accuracy during RTK data outages, radio signal blind spots or cellular network connectivity interruptions.

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NovAtel RTK ASSIST™ Services

Powered by TerraStar, RTK ASSIST enables NovAtel receivers to maintain centimeter-level accuracy during RTK data outages, radio signal blind spots or cellular network connectivity interruptions. RTK ASSIST works in the background, background until corrections are recovered, a timeout is reached, or position accuracy degrades beyond a defined threshold.

NovAtel offers scalable solutions including RTK ASSIST2 and RTK ASSIST PRO1 to meet different application needs:

  • RTK ASSIST maintains centimeter-level positioning for up to 20 minutes of RTK correction outages
  • RTK ASSIST PRO unlocks unlimited RTK assistance, maintaining centimeter-level accuracy for longer RTK correction outages
  • RTK ASSIST PRO also provides independent centimeter-level positioning enabling operations in areas where there is no RTK base or network coverage


    • Extended RTK operation, which improves productivity by reducing the downtime caused by RTK correction signal outages and cellular signal interruptions
    • Automatically compensates for datum differences and other biases to the RTK solution

RTK ASSIST and RTK ASSIST PRO are available as termed subscriptions.

  1. RTK ASSIST PRO is available only on OEM7® products.
  2. RTK ASSIST is available on all OEM7 products and on OEM628, FlexPak6 and SMART6-L products. 

NovAtel Global Correction Services Brochure

NovAtel CORRECT™ Brochure

TerraStar FAQs

1. On which NovAtel products are TerraStar and RTK ASSIST services available?

TerraStar services are available on most OEM6® and OEM7® products with minor exceptions shown in the table below. Customers using OEMV™ or SPAN® on OEMV products will need to upgrade to OEM6 or OEM7 hardware to get TerraStar services.

TerraStar Service OEM6 OEM7 Products Supported
TerraStar-L OEM628, FlexPak6, SMART2 and SMART6-L. All OEM7.
TerraStar-C OEM628, OEM638, FlexPak6, ProPak6 and SMART6-L products. 
TerraStar-C PRO All OEM7. SMART2.
RTK ASSIST OEM628, FlexPak6 and SMART6-L. All OEM7.

2. What applications can benefit from TerraStar or RTK ASSIST services?

TerraStar GNSS corrections and NovAtel OEM solutions are used in agriculture, survey, GIS, mobile mapping, construction and mining, unmanned and airborne applications. Contact NovAtel Sales to discuss your specific needs.

3. How can I purchase a TerraStar or RTK ASSIST service?

NovAtel customers can purchase a TerraStar or RTK ASSIST services directly from NovAtel. If you purchased your NovAtel product from an authorized dealer or integrator, please contact them directly to purchase subscriptions. Click here for a list of NovAtel dealers.

4. How are TerraStar and RTK ASSIST services activated on a receiver?

TerraStar and RTK ASSIST services are activated for a specific unit via a subscription. The customer can request the service to start immediately or at a specified start date/time.

Activation messages for the subscription are sent over the air via satellite at the start of the service and for a period of 30 days after the activation start date. Customers can request a resend of their activations through NovAtel support if the initial activation was missed. 

5. What is the difference between regional and global subscriptions?

Regional subscriptions are transmitted over three adjoining satellites to provide continent-wide coverage. Global subscriptions are transmitted over all seven satellites to provide worldwide coverage.

6. Are there any restrictions in using TerraStar services?

All land subscriptions are limited to a maximum speed of 130 km/hr (or 80 mph) and operate on land only. Unmanned subscriptions have no speed limit and operate up to 10 km from shore to allow operation along coastlines. Airborne subscriptions are not restricted geographically and have no speed limitation.

TerraStar subscriptions cannot be used for marine and offshore applications. Contact NovAtel support to discuss more about your application needs. 

7. Is there a demo/test activation for TerraStar services?

Yes, customers can request demo/test activations. Contact your local dealer or NovAtel support for more information. 

8. Where can I get further support related to TerraStar subscription services?

Contact NavtechGPS for additional information.

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