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Eclipse P326 OEM Boards

Hemisphere has announced an end of life (EOL) notice for the P206 and the P207. Hemisphere is recommending the Phantom 34 as a replacement for the P326 and the Phantom 20 as a replacement for the P327. Please refer to the Related Products tab for details about those products, or contact us for help.

The Eclipse P326/P327 from Hemisphere GNSS integrates L-band ATLAS™ corrections on a single board! The Eclipse P326 and P327 boards support 394 channels and are the first truly scalable board solutions that offer centimeter-level accuracy in either single-frequency or full performance multi-frequency, multi-GNSS, Atlas-capable mode.

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Hemisphere GNSS Eclipse™ P326 and P327 Low Power, High Precision OEM Modules


Experience Accuracy and Reliability with Multi-frequency, Multi-GNSS RTK and Onboard Atlas™

These multi-frequency, multi-GNSS Hemisphere Eclipse P326 (34 pin) and P327 (20 pin) modules are based on an innovative platform that integrates L-band and receives Atlas GNSS corrections on a single small board. Designed with this new platform, the overall cost, size, weight, and power consumption of the P326 and P327 are significantly reduced.

The P326 and P327 support 394 channels and are the first truly scalable board solutions that offer centimeter-level accuracy in either single-frequency or full performance multi-frequency, multi-GNSS, Atlas-capable mode.

The small form factor (41mm x 71mm) 34-pin P326 module is a drop-in upgrade for many Hemisphere products, and the P327 module (41mm x 72mm) is a drop-in upgrade for standard 20-pin modules from other manufacturers.

This platform enables simultaneous tracking of all satellite signals including GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, and QZSS making it a robust and reliable solution. The updated power management system efficiently governs the processor, memory, and ASIC making it ideal for multiple integration applications, including handheld and battery-powered devices.

Outstanding Capabilities
Powered by the Athena GNSS engine, P326 and P327 provide best-in-class, centimeter-level RTK. Athena excels in virtually every environment where high-accuracy GNSS receivers can be used. Tested and proven, Athena’s performance with long baselines, in open-sky environments, under heavy canopy, and in geographic locations experiencing significant scintillation is of cutting edge.

Together with SureFix, Hemispheres advanced processor, the P326 and P327 deliver high-fidelity RTK information that results in guaranteed precision with virtually 100 percent reliability.

  • Advanced Technology Features
  • Integrated L-band adds support for Atlas GNSS corrections for meter to sub decimeter-level accuracy while new Tracer technology helps maintain position during correction signal outages.
  • The P326 and P327 also use Hemispheres all-new aRTK™ technology. Powered by Atlas, aRTK allows the P326 and P327 to continue generating RTK positions when RTK corrections become unavailable for a period of time. If they are Atlas-subscribed, they will continue to operate at the subscribed service level until RTK is restored.

The Eclipse P326 and P327 boards are ideal for UAVs,  machine control, land survey, agricultural, and marine applications.


  • GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, and Galileo; QZSS ready
  • Long-range RTK baselines up to 50 km with fast acquisition times
  • Compatible with many RTK sources, including Hemisphere GNSS ROX Format, RTCM, CMR, CMR
  • Mechanically and electrically (pin-forpin) compatible with many Hemisphere and other manufacturers modules
  • ONBOARD Atlas L-band corrections providing position accuracy down to 2 cm RMS, positioning sustainability with Tracer technology, and convergence time as low as 10 minutes
  • Athena GNSS engine providing outstanding RTK performance

Eclipse Firmware Options

  • Eclipse 10 Hz activation
  • Eclipse 20 Hz activation
  • Eclipse 50 Hz activation
  • Athena dFreq activation
  • Eclipse dFreq activation
  • Eclipse mGNSS activation
  • Eclipse RTK activation

Hemisphere GNSS Eclipse P326 and P327 OEM Data Sheet

EOL Products                                              Replacement Products

Product Number Product Description Product Number Product Description
940-4061-0 ECLIPSE P306,B1-B2,RCVR



P326 L5 GNSS OEM Board

P326 B3 GNSS OEM Board

940-4062-0 ECLIPSE P307,B1-B2,RCVR



P327 L5 GNSS OEM Board

P327 B3 GNSS OEM Board

940-4063-0 ECLIPSE P307,B1-B2,RCVR



P327 L5 GNSS OEM Board

P327 B3 GNSS OEM Board


Hemisphere P326 P327 End of Life (EOL) Notice

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