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S321 GNSS Survey Smart Antenna

The S321 has been replaced by the Hemisphere S321+ . Please see the S321+ under related items. The S321 is no longer being sold. 

The S321 is Hemisphere GNSS’s all-new multi-GNSS, multi-frequency smart antenna. It offers robust performance and high precision in a compact and rugged package.

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S321 GNSS Survey Smart Antenna

The Hemisphere S321 has been replaced by the S621. Please see the S631 under related items. The manufacturer is no longer selling the S321.

The Hemisphere S321 is a multi-GNSS, multi-frequency smart antenna. It offers robust performance and high precision in a compact and rugged package. With multiple wireless communications ports and an open GNSS interface, the S321 can be used in a variety of operating modes.

  • Use the S321 as a precise base station sending RTK to your existing rover network.
  • Turn S321 into a lightweight and easy to use rover by connecting it to your base via UHF radio or Wi-Fi network.

The built-in web user interface can be used to control and manage the receiver status and operation, as well as to upgrade the S321 with new firmware and activations. S321 is Athena-enabled and Atlas- capable.

The receiver is powered by Hemisphere’s Athena RTK (real-time kinematic) technology. With Athena, the S321 provides state-of-art RTK performance when receiving corrections from a static base station or network RTK correction system. With multiple connectivity options, the S321 allows for RTK corrections to be received over radio, cell modem, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or serial connection. The S321 delivers centimeter accuracy with virtually instantaneous initialization times and cutting edge robustness in challenging environments.

Key Features:

  • Athena RTK engine
  • GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, QZSS
  • 372 channels
  • Atlas corrections delivered via L-band and over the Internet
  • Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Powerful web UI
  • Two versions (Each can be configures as a Base or Rover):
    •     UHF GSM/WCDMA
    •     GSM/WCDMA (Network Rover)
  • 4 GB internal memory card and 64 GB-capable MicroSD card for data logging, download and upload

This receiver also enables users to work with the Atlas service. Atlas is Hemispheres industry leading global correction service, which can be added as a subscription to the S321. The Atlas system delivers world-wide centimeter-level correction data over L-band communication satellites and over internet. With Atlas, S321 users are able to experience sub-decimeter positioning performance anywhere on earth, without the need to be nearby a GNSS or communication infrastructure.

The Atlas L-band has the following benefits:

  • Positioning accuracy – Competitive positioning accuracies down to 2 cm RMS in certain applications

  • Positioning sustainability – Advanced position quality maintenance in the absence of correction signals, using Hemispheres patented technology

Hemisphere S321 GNSS Survey Smart Antenna Data Sheet

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