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Smart Antennas

NavtechGPS carries a variety of smart antennas from Garmin, NavCom, Hemisphere GNSS, NovAtel, PCTel and Tallysman Wireless in many shapes and sizes for different applications.

For example, the Hemisphere GPS A222 GNSS Smart Antenna offers an affordable, portable solution with professional level accuracy for agricultural, marine, GIS mapping, and other applications; and the Hemisphere GPS Vector V123 and V133 SMART antennas utilize all of the recent innovations in Hemisphere GPS’ Crescent® and Vector technology.

Contact NavtechGPS for information about the right Smart Antenna for your project.

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A222 GNSS Smart Antenna

Item # A222

A631 GNSS Smart Antenna

A631 GNSS Smart Antenna

Item # A631

NovAtel AG-STAR Smart Antenna

AG-STAR Smart Antenna

Item # AG-STAR

Hemisphere ATLASLINK GNSS Smart Antenna


Item # AtlasLink

Garmin GPS 18x OEM GPS Sensor

Garmin GPS 18x OEM GPS Sensor

Item # 6212X


Garmin GPS 19x HVS

Garmin GPS 19x HVS

Item # 6215X


S631 Multi-Frequency Multi-GNSS Smart Antenna

Item # S631 GNSS Smart Antenna

NovAtel Smart2


Item # SMART2

NovAtel SMART7 Antenna

SMART7 Smart Antenna

Item # SMART7

NovAtel SMART7 Antenna


Item # SMART7-S

Tallysman TW5340 Antenna

TW5340 / TW 5341 GNSS Multi-Constellation Smart Antenna

Item # TW5340

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