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The GNSS attitude receivers from Ashtech by Trimble set new standards in real-time positioning and heading. See the product pages for the ADU800 for specifics. 

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AsteRx SB3 Pro Ruggedized Receiver

AsteRx SB3 Pro

Item # AsteRx SB3 Pro

AsteRx SBi3 Pro+

Item # AsteRx SBi3 Pro+

AsteRx-i3 D Pro OEM Receiver

AsteRx-i3 D Pro

Item # AsteRx-i3 D Pro

Asterx i3 D Pro Plus OEM

AsteRx-i3 D Pro+

Item # AsteRx-i3 D Pro+

AsteRx i3 S Pro Plus OEM Receiver

AsteRx-i3 S Pro+

Item # AsteRx-i3 S Pro+

Hemisphere Crescent Vector GNSS H220 Board

Crescent® Vector™ H220 GNSS OEM Board

Item # H220

MarinePak7 GNSS Receiver

MarinePak7 Marine GNSS Receiver

Item # MarinePak7

VN-X10E Reference Image

VN-110E Tactical Embedded IMU/AHRS

Item # VN-110E


VN-310E Tactical Embedded GNSS/INS

Item # VN-310E

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