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Inertial Navigation


GNSS-INS Solutions: IMUs for Inertial Navigation

NavtechGPS is a distributor of GPS / GNSS aided inertial navigation systems (INS), including
  • miniature MEMs inertial navigation units (IMU) and
  • attitude heading reference systems (AHRS).

Our inertial navigation systems are used for many different applications by companies in a variety of industries.

We offer best-in-class GPS IMUs from leading manufacturers such as NovAtel, OxTS and VectorNav Technologies  
These products can be used for both commercial, industrial and military applications, including — 
  • Autonomous vehicles,
  • UAV/UAS navigation,
  • Antenna pointing, 
  • Robotics,
  • Camera stabilization,
  • Platform stabilization,
  • Heavy machinery monitoring,
  • Primary or secondary flight navigation, and more!

NovAtel Inertial Navigation Systems (NovAtel SPAN®)

NovAtel SPAN® GNSS Inertial Navigation Systems and IMUs integrates NovAtel's industry leading Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technology with Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) to create a tightly coupled GNSS INS solution at data rates up to 200 Hz, for reliable, continuously available, position, velocity and attitude-even through short periods of time when satellite signals are blocked or unavailable. A wide range of receiver, IMU and antenna options are also available from NovAtel to meet accuracy and size requirements for nearly any application.

VectorNav Inertial Navigation Systems

VectorNav's product line focuses on small, light weight, accurate IMUs and GNSS plus inertial navigation solutions. VectorNav's  Industrial Series, is a complete line of MEMS-based, industrial-grade inertial navigation systems. that are available in both surface mount and rugged packaging options and calibrated across temperature, the Industrial Series includes IMU, AHRS, GPS/INS and GPS-Compass solutions optimized for SWaP-C constrained applications.

VectorNav's Tactical Series,  is a MEMS inertial navigation platform that features high-performance IMU, AHRS, GPS/INS and GPS-Compass solutions, which feature a tactical-grade IMU core housed in a robust and compact aluminum enclosure. The Tactical Series leverages VectorNav’s industry leading navigation algorithms to offer a new class of inertial navigation solutions.

OxTS (Oxford Technical Solutions)

OxTS focuses on high-accuracy, cost effective INS using MEMS gyros and precision accelerometers. Its Kalman filter extracts the maximum information from GPS, delivering high accuracy measurements and low drift rates. The xOEM series of inertial navigation systems is an extremely lightweight and compact 3-D navigation solution as an embedded GNSS INS board set, allowing manufacturers to integrate it  directly into their product. OxTS products do not use magnetometers, so there are no effects from ferrous metals or electrical interference from outside sources! And, ALL OxTS systems include post-processing software an no additional charge! 



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